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Effective Mediator in Toronto Resolves Legal Disputes

At Warren Morris Mediation, we understand the disruption that prolonged litigation can have on you and your business. We work diligently to minimize the risks, allow you to retain power over the resolution of your case and foster a cooperative environment by offering mediation to you and your adversary. Warren Morris, the principal of Warren Morris Mediation, and a well-respected mediator in Toronto with more than 20 years of mediation experience can help you resolve your legal dispute in less time and money than is likely with litigation.

Delivering Creative Solutions through Cooperative Mediation
Warren Morris has built his legal and mediation career on handling complex cases and simplifying them so that the parties can get to the heart of the dispute. He has successfully resolved complex cases involving estate disputes, workplace matters and multi-party financial reorganizations. Some of the disputes that Mr. Morris can successfully resolve through the mediation process include:

  • Contracts – An important benefit of mediation is the ability for parties to retain a relationship with each other. Because they work together to reach an amicable resolution of their case, parties can often keep contracts intact while making adjustments to account for unanticipated challenges.
  • Corporate/commercial – Mr. Morris’ extensive background as an effective Toronto mediator helps him to quickly isolate the issues the parties are experiencing and help them brainstorm ideas that will successfully resolve their case. The mediation process maintains the privacy of the parties since mediation is confidential and anything said in this arena cannot later be repeated.
  • Partnership/shareholder disputes – Business leaders may disagree about the direction of the company or maybe accused of acting in their own self-interest or violating their fiduciary duty. Mr. Morris can get the parties to communicate better and help them understand the other party’s position.
  • Franchise disputes – If a franchise does not realize the success it expected or the franchisor sees that the franchise is not following the set guidelines, disputes may arise. Mr. Morris’ relaxed style encourages the parties to communicate and think of creative solutions to their legal issue.
  • Labour/employment – Whether a labour dispute involves claims of discrimination, harassment, wrongful dismissal or privacy concerns, Mr. Morris will put his extensive experience as a mediator and adjudicator to use to help explain the law and how it may impact their case. This allows the parties to make a more informed decision about their case and to mitigate the risks of litigation.
  • Real estate – Real estate disputes may involve the purchase or sale of residential or commercial property, problems regarding easements, condemnation matters, boundary disputes, and other complex legal issues. Mr. Morris can simplify the issues involved and help the parties reach an amicable settlement.
  • Estates – It is not uncommon for disputes to arise during emotionally-charged situations, such as the loss of a loved one. Mr. Morris will approach these cases with sensitivity and help preserve family relationships while also resolving the underlying legal issue.

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