Client Testimonials

“I want to thank you for the expertise and effort that you applied to the mediation of this matter yesterday. We are grateful and relieved that this is now in the past. It seemed to all of us that a mediated resolution would never be possible, but with your careful shepherding of the parties and their conflicting interests, the impossible was achieved. I will be pleased to recommend your services to my colleagues and clients.”
– Susan Davies, Crane Davies Spina LLP

“(prior to the mediation)…we tried hard to resolve it. My lawyer was very impressed that we reached resolution. I want to thank you, because the four of us would not have gotten there on our own, for sure, for sure.”
– Marianne Bertrand, President and Founder, Muttluks Inc.

“Given his personal and professional integrity, his wealth of relevant experience and his highly developed interpersonal skills, I strongly recommend him as an ideal choice as mediator.”
– Sandi Bell, President EMPOWORD INC.

“Mr. Morris …..has excellent interpersonal skills and naturally makes people feel at ease. His genuine interest in working with others to resolve issues and to address their concerns makes him a successful mediator.”
– D. Nipp, Multicultural History Society of Ontario


Bar Admissions Course

“Patient. Listened to students carefully. Fantastic knowledge of material. Well done!! Did an excellent job carrying the class through the material. Most enjoyable”
– Pasquale DiCapo, Bar Admissions student

“Extremely personable and willing to answer questions”
– Shane Kazushner, Bar Admissions student

“Obviously knowledgeable of subject matter; interested in our development; obviously an expert.”
– Michael Maloney, Bar Admissions student

“Very well organized and experienced. Good Speaker.”
– Anonymous Bar Admissions student

“Created a comfortable learning environment….He was great!”
– Anonymous Bar Admissions student

“Encouraged everyone in the class to speak”
– Anonymous Bar Admissions student

“Professional and serious, yet friendly and approachable”
– Anonymous Bar Admissions student




“Lots of expertise and gave some useful tips.”
– Participant, Advanced ADR Workshop at Stitt Feld Handy Group



Training Workshops

“Warrens creativity and unique team building techniques really grasped the youths interest by engaging them in activities that were both thought provoking and intriguing. His capacity to adapt to the groups interests and needs was remarkable, which is so important when working with teens. The members of the Youth Tobacco Team enjoyed Warrens sessions so much that they asked him to conduct a subsequent session at their next meeting on Leadership, which was every bit as interesting as the first.”

– Ornell Corvaglia-Douglas, Project Coordinator, Youth Tobacco Initiatives, The Ontario Lung Association

“…(Warren’s)… honest style and ability to involve the group made the evening not only educational but also entertaining.”
– Diane Bezaire, Riverdale Community Business Centre



Negotiations and Contracts Workshop – (Participant feedback)

“This is a valuable seminar. I learned a lot and thank you very much.”

“I felt he knew what he was talking about and was excellent in helping with specific problems.”

“Best presenter in the program. Very impressed.”

“Excellent control of the room. Kept things moving and covered all the material.”

“The element of having fun while learning helps speed the understanding of what’s being taught. The fact that Warren included this really enhanced the interest.”