Warren Morris, the principal at Warren Morris Mediation, is a mediator, arbitrator and adjudicator. An expert in commercial mediation, he has a unique ability to simplify complex matters and create an atmosphere conducive to settlement.

Warren is currently a member of the Assessment Review Board, where he regularly adjudicates and mediates property assessment appeals involving properties ranging from multi-unit residential apartments to large industrial and commercial buildings.

Since 1999, Warren has successfully mediated a myriad of complex matters, ranging from multi-party financial reorganizations to sensitive workplace and estate disputes. Warren’s strong interpersonal skills and relaxed style assists clients – both individuals and corporations – to identify and address difficult/thorny issues head-on while maintaining the dignity and respect of everyone involved.

Warrens areas of expertise include:

    • Contracts
    • Real Estate
    • Corporate/Commercial
    • Partnership/Shareholder disputes
    • Estates
    • Franchise
    • Labour/Employment including wrongful dismissal, harassment, discrimination, privacy and other interpersonal workplace disputes



“(prior to the mediation)…we tried hard to resolve it. My lawyer was very impressed that we reached resolution. I want to thank you, because the four of us would not have gotten there on our own, for sure, for sure.”
– Marianne Bertrand, President and Founder, Muttluks Inc.

“I want to thank you for the expertise and effort that you applied to the mediation of this matter yesterday. We are grateful and relieved that this is now in the past. It seemed to all of us that a mediated resolution would never be possible, but with your careful shepherding of the parties and their conflicting interests, the impossible was achieved. I will be pleased to recommend your services to my colleagues and clients.”
– Susan Davies, Crane Davies Spina LLP